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QmarkS Why is my account not confirmed?
While it's possible that your confirmation email is sitting in your spam/junk/bulk folder right now, the more likely explanation is that the mail just never got delivered to you. If it's nowhere to be found, don't worry, we can fix things. Please follow these directions carefully:
  1. Send a blank email to from the email address you attempted to register. For your security, we will not be able to confirm your account unless you send an email from this address.
  2. Please write your registration email address in the subject line of your message along with the word "confirmation". You can leave the rest of the email empty. For example: " confirmation".
QmarkS Do you support other languages besides Arabic?
Not yet, sorry.
QmarkS How much are individual subscriptions to the Al Kitaab content?
The price options are currently $12/$19/$29 for 3/6/12 months, respectively. Please note that these are introductory prices and may change.
QmarkS Can my whole school/department/agency get a single license rather than a bunch of individual ones?
Yes. Group licenses are available and easy to set up, with nothing to install or configure. Just email and let us know roughly how many students are in the program, and we'll send you a quote.
QmarkS Do you store my credit card data when I subscribe?
No. All your credit card information passes thru PayPal in a secure transaction. We never see any of it.
QmarkS Why am I getting emails reminding me to review X number of words?
LinguaStep structures and schedules your review sessions based on how familiar you are with the word, and how long it's been since you've reviewed it. Some days you'll have a lot to review, and some days you won't have any. Rather than you having to figure out and remember the optimum amount of time to study your vocabulary, LinguaStep does it for you. The goal is to learn and retain the most language in the least amount of time.
QmarkS How can I turn off the emails?
You can make the change in your Account Settings.
QmarkS How long should I spend matching/reviewing the words?
This differs from person to person, and from day to day, because LinguaStep tailors the workload for each student. When you begin learning a chapter, you will naturally need to spend more time than you would when you are simply doing periodic reviews. That may mean one day you spend an hour on it, while other days you only need to spend a few minutes.

If you see words scheduled for matching/review on your My LinguaStep home page, then it's a good idea to work through them if you can. You'll be amazed at how far 10 minutes a day gets you.

Qmark S How do enable my computer to type in Arabic?

Using Yamli
Some of the input boxes on LinguaStep use technology from Yamli that allows you to type Arabic using Latin (English) characters. If you see a little Yamli icon in the text field, just start typing.

For example, to enter "عربي" just type "arabi" or "3rabi".

Google around to find out how to enable Arabic for your particular computer operating system. Often you will see TWO choices for Arabic keyboard layouts. Pick the QWERTY one unless you know what you are doing. It's more intuitive.


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